The Upper Valley Rink and Rec Project will deliver one of Northern New England’s premier twin-ice and recreational facilities to the Upper Valley. The project will give members of the Upper Valley community a modern facility that will encourage healthy activity for every age group from towns around the region. When there is not ice, there will be opportunities for community recreation and events. A concrete floor will enable operation in all four-seasons, including for sports when New England weather makes outdoor practice impossible.

A not-for-profit board is managing the project. We are seeking the support of any and every community member who believes in this vision for increased athletic opportunities for our communities.

The project will happen in three phases:

  1. Site work adjacent to the current Campion Rink and construction of a new ice arena at that spot.
  2. Renovation and modernization of the existing Campion Rink; construction of a lobby joining the two ice rinks together.
  3. Additional locker rooms and support/storage spaces added to the facility.

A second ice rink at Campion will give hundreds of families from dozens of Upper Valley communities a wonderful gift: predictability. The intense demand for ice time results in families going to rinks an hour away one day and a five minute drive the next for practices and home games. A twin ice facility will make sure players and families spend more time learning the lessons of sportsmanship and camaraderie and less time in the car.

-Adrienne Peraza, President, Hanover Hockey Association